Diamond Skills Baseball

2020 Winter Junior High Prospect Camp

Diamond Skills Baseball and Prep Baseball Report are teaming up to run the top winter camp for 7th and 8th graders on the East Coast.




Prep Baseball Report will be there to cover every minute of the action with evaluations, rankings and video of all players.




January 18, 2020

Infield/Outfield Camp: 7:30am-11:00am
Pitcher/Catcher Camp: 11:00am-2:00pm

Attend Infield/Outfield and Pitcher Camp: $210
Attend Infield Outfield Camp: $140
Attend Pitcher Catcher Camp: $140

*Players that register before December 15, 2019 will receive a $10 discount off advertised pricing!!!

Location: Georgetown Prep High School, 10900 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, MD 20852


All Players will receive:
PBR Evaluation
PBR Video

Advanced Metrics on each player including:
Foot Speed
Bat Speed
Exit Velocity
Arm Strength

The top 7th and 8th grade players from around the DMV serious about playing high school baseball will work on their game inside one of the nation’s finest indoor athletic complexes, the Georgetown Preparatory School’s Center for Athletic Excellence. This enormous 54,000 sq/ft complex allows you to hit, field, throw and run in a state of the art environment.

Infield / Outfield Camp

  Proper footwork forehand, backhand, slow roller, double plays
  Live infield work

  Proper footwork for throwing, dropsteps, angles of pursuit, wall balls
  Live throws to bases

  Live batting practice, side toss, tee work, front toss

60 Yard Dash
Times posted online


Pitching / Catching Camp
Pitchers taken through the following rotations:
•  Bullpen, Mechanics, PFP’s, Conditioning

Catchers taken through the following rotations:
  Bullpen, Block/Receive/Throw, Hitting Fundamentals (tee/side toss/front toss), Live Batting Practice
  Catchers will also make 5-6 throws each for ‘Pop Times’ on the main floor.  Times posted online

60 Yard Dash
Players will run the 60-yard dash twice each week with times posted online


Infield / Outfield Camp Daily Schedule
7:30-7:45     Stretch
7:45-9:00     Offensive Fundamentals
9:00-9:45     60-Yard Dash
9:45-11:00   Defensive Fundamentals

Pitcher Camp Daily Schedule
11:00-11:20    Stretch
11:20-11:45    Chalk Talk
11:45-2:00      Station Work
Station 1. Bullpen
Station 2. Hitting
Station 3. Conditioning
Station 4. PFP’s
Station 5. Mechanics/Drill Work

Catchers’ Schedule
11:00-11:20     Stretch
11:20-11:30     Run 60-yard dash
11:30-11:50     Pop Times on Main Floor
11:50-2:00       Station Work
        Station 1. Bullpen
        Station 2. Bullpen
        Station 3. Drill Work
        Station 4. Fundamental Hitting
        Station 5. Live Hitting




General Information

Cancellation: If your ballplayer is unable to attend a scheduled camp, you must notify Diamond Skills Baseball in writing by sending an email to Diamondskillsinfo@gmail.com. Our Future Credit Policy (detailed below) will explain the amount of credit a player is eligible for if he is unable to attend camp.

Future CreditAny requests for a future credit will be governed by the following policies in all circumstances:

  • Requests for a credit to a future Diamond Skills Camp must be submitted in writing to diamondskillsinfo@gmail.com
  • Requests received at least forty five (45) days before the start of the purchased event will receive full credit of the purchasing price, excluding a processing fee of $37.50. This credit can be used towards a future Diamond Skills event in accordance with the guidelines below.
  • Requests received at least fourteen (14) days but less than thirty (30) days before the start of the purchased event will receive a credit in the amount of 50% of the purchasing price, excluding a $37.50 processing fee. This credit can be used towards a future Diamond Skills event in accordance with the guidelines below.
  • Requests received less than fourteen (14) days before the start of the purchased event will not be eligible for credit towards a future camp. Headfirst offers a customized experience, tailored to each camper’s unique background, enrolled position(s), academic profile, and college interests – withdrawals within two weeks of camp significantly impact substantial portions of programming and college coach communications that cannot be reconciled within that time frame.All future credits granted under the guidelines above will be valid for one year from the end date of the originally-purchased event. When registering for another event, this credit may not be used to register for an event that is already at capacity (either as a whole or at your intended Primary Position) by the time the request is submitted. In the event that the cost of a future event is more than the amount credited, the purchaser is responsible for any remaining balance.

Inclement WeatherIn the event of inclement weather, Diamond Skills Baseball, at its sole discretion may adjust programming, including but not limited to the game and showcase schedule, to get in as many camp activities as possible. Any changes to programming will be directed to ensure the maximum amount and quality of programming in all cases. Please check the Diamond Skills Twitter account and Facebook account two (2) hours before the start of an event for weather-related changes.

Regardless of any programming adjustments made by Diamond Skills Baseball, all events remain fully non-refundable in the event of inclement weather.

To check on the weather status, check the Diamond Skills Facebook page (Diamond Skills Baseball Camps) and the Diamond Skills Twitter Account (dmndskillz.  Information will be posted 2 hours before the start of a camp. 

Confirmation Policy: A player is confirmed when the deposited check is returned or if he receives an online confirmation receipt.

Food/Drinks: Water is provided at all camps. A snack stand sells food, drinks and snacks at each camp.